Saturday, 9 March 2013

~ TIME ~

Why TIME? because i have wasted a whole lot of my time last week... the whole week, i sat in my office WITHOUT actually doing something that is supposed to be done or worth it.. regret?? mcm regret sikit la tapi tak rasa sangat because  keep telling myself, "takpe, weekend nanti tak balik kampung and so, i can do and finsh my works".. haha... and dat's funny coz today is saturday and sepanjang siang tadi, i did not do any of my supposed-to-do works.. i mean WORKS... plural form there.. hahaha... who cares?? banyak masa lagi kaaaaaaan?? (giler betul)..

Well, me n mr procrastinator are best friends since i was in higher institution lagi.. i guess that's quite a long friendship, though i tried many times to get rid of it, but i failed... ALWAYS FAILED... i really respect those strong people who managed to beristiqamah dalam melakukan kerjanya.. i wonder how they do it.. i always wonder what are the kind of life for those successful people? lonely? being surrounded by works? no watching TV? no shopping on weekend? no family occasions? no holidays? no gossips? no entertainments? i mean, workaholics, what do u do?? what are ur days look like?

setiap masa i think of finishing my works.. marking, thesis, reading, writing, materials preparations.. but what i am best at is reading... reading novels, magazines and newspaper.. now, im reading SOLUSI.. i bought one last week and the uncle yng jual (apparently a friendly, chinese man) said, "waah, bnayak mahal lor ini magazine.." and that i realised that SOLUSI is expensive.. back to office, i came to a decision that, memnagla mahal, tengok la siapa yang tulis kat kolum magazine tu.. they are DRs, Profs and experienced Ustaz.. Masha Allah... May God bless u people... giving and sharing knowledge with people through writing.. semoga diberkati...

Thursday, 28 February 2013


People have their own ways of leading their lives.. so, why bother about others? i've survived for a week without having any broken-hearted feelings.. isn't great!!!! You see, this situation im having now really makes me very very very strong.. yet, sometimes i do feel a little bit lost but takpe, i make friends with man people and alhamdulillah, semua yang terserempak kat tempat kerja akan menegur dengan mesra and ada perbalasan senyuman n tawa between us.. 

All we have to do is to BELIEVE OURSELVES..!!!
(mcm quote ni)

everything happens for a reason and that reason is actually to make us improve ourselves. 
It's true that we need friends but sometimes, in a group of friends, there will be seorang 'batu api' or seorang yang '360 degree opposite' ngan kita and actually we're trying to avoid ourselves from him/her that turns out to be kita avoid ourselves from the rest too. But actually, if the 'one' person tu takde, everything and everyone and everybody will be happy and fine.. 

Due to that reason, apa kita buat?? we ISOLATE ourselves from people (them la).. bunyinya macam ngada2 but it helps tho.. 

Actually, once in a while, we do need a space for ourselves..A space where people think that we're  arrogant (duk dalam bilik je), berkira (masak and makan sorang2), mengada2 (taknak  borak n keluar sama), kepala hangin (suddenly nak moody) but actually 'that space' gives us a peace of mind.. That space has given me the time to MUHASABAH DIRI, time to REDUCE MY SESI MENGUMPAT, time to AVOID BEING ANGRY (when we meet and talk with friends, we will listen to their stories and anger on something, then, we tend to put ourselves in their shoes la kononnya and kita pun nak marah), and most important thing is the time for me to do my WRITING (where if u sit with ur friends, of course kita nak pegi berjalan, bermalasan and berbual unlike when u're alone)..

Walau apa pun, i really hope this things will end. Not sure siapa yang akan start it first coz masing-masing pun ego and rasa tak bersalah (including me!! haha). well, i've been like this since before.. i don't mess with people sesuka hati but once i dah mess with u, then oit's because of a really big thing and then u're done.. (waaahhh, takut taaaaak)...

Moralnya, janganlah kita melukakan atau menyinggung perasaan or yang lebih penting skali MEMALUKAN orang lain especially someone yang u rapat in front of strangers. 



till we meet again ....... sayonara ..... ^-^

-- SaLaM --


Well, this is my first entry... dah lama nak ada blog and nak, i have created a lot actually; masa blajar degree and masters (for assignments), masa saja2 (tak jadi coz terlupa password), masa kena paksa by adik sedara (i couldn't remember my account nama apa) and lastly yang ini.. which i hope will last long and hope boleh share mcm2 with people who like to read out there.. and now LADYBIRD is talking and will YOU read.. hohohohohoho....